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At European Automotive ATX, we are proud to offer specialized BMW service and repair, led by our Head Technician Mitchell Russell. With over 10 years of experience in servicing BMW vehicles, Mitchell has developed an unparalleled expertise in both routine maintenance and complex repairs. His deep understanding of BMW’s sophisticated systems and commitment to using the latest diagnostic technologies ensures that every BMW receives the highest level of care. As a certified BMW service center in Austin, Texas, we are dedicated to maintaining the performance, safety, and longevity of your BMW with precision and expertise.


Our maintenance services are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of BMW owners. From advanced electrical diagnostics and repair to the essential upkeep of your vehicle’s critical components, our team is equipped to provide comprehensive care. We specialize in maintaining and repairing BMW-specific features such as VANOS systems, cooling systems, fuel injection systems, and battery management systems. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of your BMW is operating at its best, preserving the driving experience BMW owners expect.


European Automotive ATX stands apart as a premier BMW service center, where the quality of workmanship meets the sophisticated standards of BMW repair in Austin. Our knowledge extends to all BMW models, ensuring expert care for everything from minor maintenance to major repairs. Our services include detailed work on intricate parts like high-precision engine components, suspension systems, and electronic modules, all performed with genuine BMW parts and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to maintain your vehicle’s optimum performance.

Certified BMW Service Center in Austin, Texas

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BMW Repairs & Maintenance


BMW Inspection I and II

European Automotive ATX offers a BMW Maintenance Service designed to uphold the engineering excellence and driving dynamics of your BMW. Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. Our service includes comprehensive inspections, oil changes, brake service, and fluid replacements, tailored to meet BMW’s specific maintenance requirements. Our proactive approach helps identify and address potential issues early on, ensuring your BMW continues to deliver the exceptional performance and driving experience you love.


Oil Change

Regular oil changes are crucial for maintaining the health and longevity of your BMW’s engine. At European Automotive ATX, our oil change service goes beyond simply replacing old oil with new. We use premium grade oils and filters specifically designed for BMW’s high-performance engines, ensuring optimal lubrication and protection against wear and tear. During the oil change process, our technicians also perform a thorough inspection of your engine’s health, identifying any potential issues before they become major problems. Trust us to keep your BMW’s engine running smoothly with our professional oil change services, tailored to meet the exacting standards of BMW owners.


VANOS System

The VANOS system in your BMW plays a crucial role in your vehicle’s performance, adjusting the timing of the valves for optimal power and efficiency. At European Automotive ATX, we specialize in the maintenance and repair of the VANOS system, using precision diagnostics to ensure it functions flawlessly. Our expertise allows us to address any VANOS-related issues, ensuring your BMW’s engine delivers smooth, responsive power across the entire rev range.


valve cover


fuel injectors

The fuel injection system is at the heart of your BMW’s engine, delivering precise amounts of fuel for optimal combustion and efficiency. European Automotive ATX provides specialized services for BMW fuel injection systems, including cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Our advanced diagnostics allow us to pinpoint issues and ensure your fuel injection system is functioning perfectly, maximizing your vehicle’s power and fuel economy.


air filters

Air filters play a key role in maintaining the performance and efficiency of your BMW by ensuring clean air reaches the engine and cabin. At European Automotive ATX, we provide comprehensive air filter inspection and replacement services. A clean engine air filter is essential for optimal combustion and power, while a fresh cabin air filter ensures the air inside your vehicle is free from pollutants and allergens. Our technicians recommend regular checks and replacements of air filters based on BMW’s guidelines and your driving conditions, ensuring your BMW operates efficiently and provides a comfortable driving experience.


water pump repairs


Cooling System

Maintaining your BMW’s cooling system is essential to prevent overheating and ensure your engine runs at the correct temperature. Our technicians are experts in servicing BMW cooling systems, from radiator maintenance to thermostat and water pump replacements. We use high-quality parts and fluids to ensure your cooling system operates efficiently, protecting your engine and enhancing your vehicle’s performance and longevity.


fuel pump

The fuel pump is a vital component of your BMW, ensuring a consistent flow of fuel to the engine for optimal performance. At European Automotive ATX, we offer expert fuel pump diagnostics, maintenance, and replacement services. A well-functioning fuel pump is essential for your BMW’s power and efficiency, and our technicians are skilled in identifying and resolving any issues that may arise. Whether it’s a decrease in fuel efficiency, trouble starting the engine, or poor acceleration, we use the latest tools and genuine BMW parts to ensure your fuel pump operates flawlessly, keeping your BMW’s performance at its peak.

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Quality BMW repair with Austin’s fastest turnaround time.

Our Timeliness

We value your time as much as you do, prioritizing efficient and effective service to ensure your BMW is back on the road as quickly as possible. Our goal is to make servicing your BMW a seamless and convenient experience, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.

Our Warranty and Quality Guarantee

We stand behind our BMW repair services with a comprehensive 2-year/20,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor. This guarantee reflects our confidence in the quality of our work and our commitment to your satisfaction. If any repair we’ve performed does not hold up, we will address the issue promptly and without additional charge, ensuring your BMW remains in exceptional condition.


Opting for European Automotive ATX means trusting your BMW to technicians who not only understand the intricacies of these German-engineered vehicles but also share your passion for them. Our BMW specialists are committed to providing a service experience that exceeds expectations, with a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. From advanced diagnostics to expert repairs and maintenance, we ensure your BMW operates at peak performance, embodying the excellence and precision that BMW drivers cherish.

For BMW service and repair that matches the prestige and performance of your vehicle, turn to European Automotive ATX. Contact us to schedule your service and discover why we are Austin’s choice for BMW maintenance and repair.


At European Automotive ATX, our lead BMW mechanic, Mitchell Russell, exemplifies the pinnacle of automotive expertise and dedication within the vibrant city of Austin. Boasting over a decade of specialized experience in BMW vehicles, Mitchell’s deep understanding of the brand’s sophisticated engineering allows him to tackle both routine services and complex repairs with unmatched precision. His commitment to continuous learning ensures he remains at the forefront of automotive technology, ready to apply the latest techniques and insights to every BMW that enters our shop. This level of expertise ensures that your BMW receives the meticulous attention to detail it deserves, guaranteeing performance and reliability that exceeds expectations. 


Our dedication to excellence at European Automotive ATX extends well beyond the mechanical services we offer. We understand that the foundation of a successful mechanic-customer relationship is built on trust and transparency. Mitchell Russell, our esteemed BMW mechanic in Austin, takes the time to thoroughly explain the diagnostic findings and recommended services, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the work your BMW requires. This approach not only fosters trust but also ensures that you, as the BMW owner, are fully informed and comfortable with all decisions regarding your vehicle’s care. Our aim is to not just meet but surpass your expectations, delivering personalized service that recognizes the unique needs of each client and their cherished BMW.


At European Automotive ATX, we pride ourselves on providing a BMW service experience that stands out in Austin for its sophistication and efficiency. Our workshop is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and repair technology available, enabling us to address issues with pinpoint accuracy and perform services with the utmost efficiency. This investment in cutting-edge tools and equipment, combined with the skilled expertise of our BMW mechanic, allows us to offer services that range from routine maintenance to complex repairs, all executed with the precision your BMW requires. Whether you need an oil change, a detailed engine analysis, or a comprehensive suspension overhaul, our team is committed to maintaining the optimal performance, safety, and longevity of your BMW, solidifying our reputation as the premier destination for BMW owners in Austin seeking exceptional service and repair.



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